Balance & Restore Hair Treatments

Do you have problematic hair and scalp conditions?

Oily scalp, tangled hair or hair that breaks very easily are specialised concerns that are not necessarily related to hair type.  The rescue solution product range use active ingredients to restore and repair hair and scalp conditions to better health and manageability.

Have you got an oily scalp?

Soothing peppermint and menthol oil will help to regulate sebum production.  Ask HairFit to assess your hair and see the results of bringing back balance to restore your beautiful hair.

CPR Rescue solution balance & restore product range

the rescue solution –

for problematic hair and scalp conditions

Purifying and bringing balance and recovery to hair.

  • Porosity equaliser
  • Age-defying complex
  • Refining cuticle
  • Reconstructing cortex
  • Regulating sebum production
  • Reduce oiliness of scalp
  • Colour safe, purifying cleanser.