Oily Scalp Hair Treatments

Rebalance your scalp

If your hair is naturally oily you will find that using a product to regulate sebum production will help control and rebalance an oily scalp.

HairFit can work with you to reduce imbalances.

Have you over-processed or over-worked your hair?

If you have been a bit hard on your hair with over processing, bleaching and colouring or using heating tools then you know you will have to rescue your hair.

HairFit have the products and knowledge to reconstruct and balance your hair back to top condition.

CPR Rescue solution balance & restore product range

the rescue solution –

for healthy scalp and hair

Use in combination with your other haircare products.

Scalp Balance Shampoo
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Controls & rebalances an oily scalp
  • Purifies & freshens the scalp
  • Hair remains cleaner for longer
Reconstruct Leave-in Spray
  • Triples the strength of weak hair
  • Replenishes lost protective natural oils
  • Locks in colour, shields against daily stress
  • Advanced UVA/UVB solar protection
  • Effective antioxidants remove free radicals to extend life and vibrancy of colour
  • Porosity equaliser