Natural Hair Care Products

HairFit uses only the best products that are created from nature to create beautiful healthy fit hair.

Kelly is fully trained in each product and is constantly keeping in touch with product development and training which makes her an expert in product knowledge which ensures she can recommend the best products to suit your needs.

HairFit is proud to use and recommend Vitafive CPR product range because it is made using natural technology.

Natural Technology

Kelly endorses and chooses products that use natural technology that are created from the best ingredients available and that are perfectly balanced to care for your hair.

Coloured Hair

The Vitafive CPR Hair Care range of colour and products will make your hair shine.

You can purchase after salon hair care that is specially created for your hair type.

Natural, Safe and Gentle

Sulphate Free : Vitafive has been using a coconut base in it’s shampoo’s for over 20 years and was one of the first haircare manufacturers in the world to start using sulphate free alternatives.

NOT made from Palm Oil

Vegan friendly

Paraben Free : Parabens are traditional ‘mass-produced’ preservatives. Vitafive uses a natural alternative to Paraben to preserve its products.

No added salt : Sodium Chloride is a cheap alternative used in the hair and beauty industry to make it’s product thicker. However, salt can make the shampoo harsh, stripping the natural protective oils of hair, leaving it dry, brittle and damaged. Vitafive does not add salt to thicken it’s products.

Vitafive CPR use natural product ingredients that are effective in every day treatments that are safe for you and your hair.

See all products recommended by HairFit to care for your hair.


Never tested on animals

Committed and endorse this policy and use sustainably sourced, cruelty free ingredients.

Vitafive CPR products provide expert haircare solutions for all hair types :

  • Repair, renew and protect
  • Smoothing frizz control
  • Maintaining perfect blonde
  • Anti-fade colour extender
  • Hydrate and softening dry hair
  • Bodify and thicken fine hair
  • Rescue hair and scalp
  • Long lasting style memory

Olaplex Hair Perfector – bond multiplier

Kelly uses Olaplex in Salon Strength in conjunction with the colouring process because it is an amazing repair, strengthening and protecting product that is designed to assist Kelly in getting your hair to ultimate Hair Fitness! READ MORE about Olaplex

Just some of the benefits your hair will experience are :

  • Repair
  • Protection
  • Growth
  • Strength
  • Softness
  • Shine
Olaplex repair strengthen & protect hair

Take Home Product

Olaplex No. 3 Bond perfector is available to purchase for home use.